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Tokon Kai Squad

Tokon Kai Karate has a specially selected squad of students that compete at local, national, international and world championship level.
The squad is coached by Sensei Griffiths. Over the years the squad has produced many national and world champions.
Squad selections are held at the start of each year. Any Tokon Kai members are welcome to try out
The squad will be chosen based on the students’ performance at the selections, previous competitions and training during normal lessons.
The squad will then be selected and added to this website.
All squad members must attend the squad class on a Monday evening and an additional class each week. International squad must also attend  the special Sunday monthly squad training sessions. 
Squad members are expected to display outstanding karate etiquette and skill at all times, as they are role models to other Tokon Kai students
For dates of all squad events please see the agenda page.


Dan Grade Squad

International Achievements
Regional Achievements

Kyu grade squad

Archie Wilson
1st Dan
Isabel Devonport
1st Kyu
Elliot D'Mello
1st Kyu
Eddie Vlad
2nd Kyu
Brooke Buddle
2nd Kyu
Logan Scott
2nd Kyu
Vio Hirjoi
3rd Kyu
Jamie Webb
3rd Kyu
James Cook
3rd Kyu
Jude Messer
4th Kyu
Mohamed Emam
4th Kyu
Danny Nightingale
7th Kyu
Sonny Smith
7th Kyu