Tokon Kai Gradings




Progress in karate training is rewarded by the issue of coloured belts in a set order, upon successful completion of grading (exam). Gradings also provide students with a guide on how their karate techniques are improving.


Gradings test each of the three disciplines of karate (kihon, kata and kumite). Students are usually in groups when performing their gradings.


Kihon (basics) consist of students performing sets of 5 techniques with a kia on the 5th technique. These range from simple stepping punches and blocks for beginners, through to advanced combinations for the higher grades. The examiner will pre-announce each set of moves.


Each grade has an associated kata which students will perform at the grading. For younger children 9yrs and below kata is not performed at a grading until they reach yellow belt.


Finally, the kumite (fighting) or pair work, starts with three-step for beginners, one step for coloured belts and Kumite (free sparring) for 1st Kyu and above




Students receive a grading attendance/syllabus card and licence book upon membership/licence payment. Students will need these items before they will be able to progress through the belt system. At each lesson the attendance card is stamped by the main club instructor. Once students have completed 18 lessons on their stamp card and their syllabus section has been completed students will be assessed for their 1st belt




All subsequent belts vary in the minimum number of lessons and additional requirements. These will be shown on the attendance/syllabus stamp card. Every belt students will receive a new coloured coded stamp card. Students must have trained for a minimum of 3 months since their last grading and their card completed. A form will then be issued


Please see the Agenda page for exact dates of the gradings.

After School Clubs

Students are graded up to and including purple stripe belt, during their normal lesson. Students will be assessed during the lesson and if they pass their grading they will be awarded their belt at the end of the lesson.

Tokon Kai Belt System & Syllabus

The pre-black belt grades are called kyu grades and are numbered in descending order from 10th kyu (white belt) to 1st Kyu (brown double stripe); see below chart.

After 1st kyu are the dan grades, which are numbered in ascending order. All dan grades wear black belts and usually have stripes on their belt to denote their dan grade.

Tokon Kai Karate Syllabus

Syllabus books are available to purchase at your dojo for £3

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